Meet the Staff

Bruce Cluney

Bruce is one of many Career Bridges success stories. His participation in the program eventually led to employment with the service provider. “About a year and half ago, I moved to PEI from Newfoundland with my wife and family. I wanted to explore a career change to make a successful transition into the workforce in the province.

“The program allowed me to become more familiar with the Island and to explore what resources and tools were available to assist me in my employment pursuits.  The diagnostic and self-assessment component confirmed that my gifts were in the areas of administration, leadership, and helping others.  “I started my professional life providing guidance services, and now I found myself back in that same environment,” says Bruce. “The whole process was very rewarding, and the end result was better than what I had hoped for.”  Bruce completed the Career Bridges program in June of 2018, and eventually went full circle when he was offered a job as Provincial Coordinator for the Career Bridges program. He is also the French Education Coordinator for the Charlottetown Islanders hockey team.  He is usually working between the various locations, but can be reached through the Charlottetown Career Bridges Office

Mary Lou Rogers

“I have enjoyed working with many clients over the years (I have worked at Career Bridges since 1997). I learn from each group, each individual!  Seeing them begin to believe in themselves and then their accomplishments and excitement about what they have achieved is very rewarding.  I am still in contact with many of those clients and see many working with local businesses, running their own businesses, or enrolled in further training.  I can say I truly enjoy my role as an instructor and tell clients when they begin the program that my dream for them is to find a career that they enjoy as much as I enjoy mine.”  If you live in West Prince and are interested in finding out more about the Career Bridges program in that area Mary Lou will be glad to help you out.

Nancy Hamill

“I have been with Career Bridges since 2009 as an instructor. The most rewarding part of this position is to see confidence and growth emerge from each client as each program progresses. Most clients come to Career Bridges for guidance and assistance with career choices and development. What’s interesting, to me, most of these clients will complete the program with much more than a potential career path or position, they will depart with powerful life skills that can and will empower and energize them. When you put your best foot forward and overcomes your fears, success follows.”  Nancy and Mary Lou would love to welcome you to their Career Bridges program this fall. If you have been thinking about making a career change and live in West Prince, please reach out to them at Career Bridges O’Leary

Lori Clark

“I wasn’t looking for a new gig when the opportunity to become an instructor at Career Bridges presented itself a little over 3 years ago. I had spent several years as a prenatal coordinator working with new parents and babies (an easy crowd!) and was terrified to switch gears to help and guide clients seeking new career directions. It soon became apparent that there is something special about Career Bridges. As an instructor you provide an invaluable service and you wear many hats. You earn the trust of your clients and become part of their support system as they navigate through the program, opening themselves up to new possibilities and watching them blossom as they realize their self-worth. It is an amazing feeling and something I don’t take lightly. It is such a privilege to be part of our clients journey towards career satisfaction and a happy life.  If you are thinking about making a change, now is the time to do it…don’t waste another day.  I think it was Wayne Gretzky who said “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”  Contact Lori or Lurlean for more information on upcoming programs in Career Bridges Summerside

Lurlean Palmer

“Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours” is one of my favorite quotes and speaks to the way I feel about my work as a Career Bridges Instructor. After facilitating my first program I knew for certain that I was in the right place. I had worked over 25 years supporting parents and their families through my work as a program facilitator in a family resource centre, as well as, helping with a family business. Career Bridges was a natural transition for me as I continued to help individuals identify their strengths, interests, and values to gain a clear sense of who they are as individuals and what skills they have to offer to their next employer. Searching for a new job can be stressful. When someone takes a leap of faith and decides to come to Career Bridges they are learning new skills such as how to create a resume or ace that job interview; however, in addition, they gain the support of the instructors as well as the support of like minded people who understand the challenges of finding a new career path. If you’ve been thinking of making a career change please reach out to Lurlean or Lori at Career Bridges in Summerside. Career Bridges Summerside

Patrick Campbell

Patrick’s passion for Career Guidance and Personal Coaching can be traced back to his extensive education in Marketing, Brand Management and Leadership in Education. Before coming onboard with Career Bridges, Patrick taught Marketing and Consulting for the Applied Degree Program at Holland College and was a Community Relations Manager in Public Affairs for Bell Aliant for PEI / New Brunswick. Patrick received his Masters Degree in Leadership in Education and completed his designation in Marketing (RPM). Having a passion for discovering others individual gifts, with the opportunity to help build a bridge for their future has always been his ultimate goal. Patrick adds, “The best part of working with Bell Aliant and Canada Post was being able to work alongside many community leaders and being able to support staff by helping them discover their own skill sets in the workplace.” Besides Patrick’s professional and educational endeavours, Patrick is a loyal partner, a father, grandfather and longtime volunteer at the Prince Edward Home. Patrick also plays in a local Blue Grass band that performs at local ceilidhs, festivals and nursing homes.  Patrick can be reached at Career Bridges Charlottetown.

Mary Conway

Mary Conway brings a unique combination of work/life skills and academic qualifications to the position of Program Instructor with Career Bridges. Before returning to University, Mary spent many years working with the Intellectually Challenged and with the Brain Injured. This experience opened up her natural love to help others and a new career passion. She then enrolled at UPEI to gain her Bachelor degree of Psychology and went on to complete a Certification of Professional Development from the Counsellor Training Institute of Canada. She followed a number of career paths including, public service, instructor with “Youth in the Trades” and Agricultural Employment services. She respects and admires all her students at Career Bridges and feels it is an honour to guide, listen and laugh with each and every one of them. Mary knows that the biggest step is walking in the door the first day. In her spare time, Mary likes to cook, read, play trivia and spend quality time with her family and friends.  If you are interested in learning more about Career Bridges, please reach out to Mary or Patrick at Career Bridges Charlottetown.